Sandalwood is a growing trend within the beauty and fragrance industry with the likes of Versace, Tom Ford and Jo Malone having released perfumes inspired by sandalwood, also known as "Oud/Oudh". Due to its uniqueness and the difficulty harvesting, oudh oil has made itself one of the most expensive oils in the world. Its value is estimated to be as much as 1.5 times the value of gold, and has earned the nickname "liquid gold" due to its rarity.

Essence of Oudh has a diverse variety of products from aromatic candles to sensual rose infused bath bombs.              


Essence of Oudh is able to customize treasure chests and baskets for all your special occasions, from birthdays, to bridal showers, to "I'm sorry I forgot about our anniversary, here's a box full of goodies".                        


Our ultimate goal is to make sure all of our clients love themselves, and feel confident and sexy in their own skin but a little glitz and glamour never hurt anyone.

Always with love,


What People are Saying...

"Love Love Love ❤ Sharmin Esmail I must say that I love your products! So I am gonna put it in a list form! They are just wow! They make my home smell good! They make my body feel good! They make my skin feel smooth! They make me feel good inside out! They are just too good!  Overall they make me feel Sexy! And last but not least, Can't wait to get my hands on Sona! Keep up with the good work we are all very proud of you!"
"Salaam Aunty Sharmin, You're bath bombs were amazing, Really like the touch of rose petals, and the fragrance is beautiful. I really liked it. Thank you!!"
"Sharmin! Thank you for making Noor (Oudh) Candles. I must say, I'm in love so is my better half! The scent is light yet amazing! I definitely recommend this product to everyone! You're definitely a Brilliant Artist!"
"A big thank you Sharmin that I was able to send my mom a gift she loved. It was the perfect gift and the efficiency with which you mailed it meant my mom got it on time and it made her day"
"Sharmin you are a fantastic artist -your oud candles are just out of this world and the smell fills up the whole house and its so soothing -well done and I want more and your bath bombs sound so exciting - I'm sure you will create much more and I'm going to be your follower -thank you."

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