Sandalwood inspired Organic Hair oil for natural shine, growth and beautiful thickness infused with the scents of paradise

Cleo Luxurious Face Oil


Organic and hand pressed Bao Bao oil, Cleo was created from the tree of life. Combined with pure Almond Oil for dryness - when used daily, Cleo helps combat signs of early aging, reduces redness and leaves your face beautifully soft and smooth for any skin type. 

Noor ~ Candles 8oz


Unwind after a long day by illuminating the 'Noor Candle' surrounding your bathtub or in your living room. The candle's beautiful aromatic combination of soy wax and sandalwood will help calm your senses and truly unwind! The careful fusion of these ingredients has made Noor the best seller it is today! 

Ishq ~ Trio Set


Who doesn't love a sexy little black box of surprises? Enjoy its contents with your loved one! Inside you'll find a massage candle that transforms into a silky massage oil once lit and his & hers sweet smelling roll-on's. Use them on your partner for a sensual experience unlike any other!


PS. There's a special surprise in your box from us, sent with love 

Soor ~ Massage Oil


Treat your partner to a relaxing massage using our luxury Soor massage oil. The combination of mineral, sunflower & jojoba oils will leave the skin feeling soft, while the sweet Sandalwood fragrance will heighten the senses. 

Hoor ~ Essential Oil


Hoor is a Sandalwood essential oil typically used on burners or warmers, as heat is used to enhance its gorgeous scent. The best part is, you only need a few drops to work wonders! 

Mard ~ Beard Oil


Mard was created with #NoShaveNovember or #Movemember in mind! This beard oil is composed of a variety of essential oils (coconut, jojoba, hemp seed, tea tree, orange bitter, and peppermint) combined with Vitamin E and Sandalwood, leaving your hair less brittle, smooth & totally nourished! This oil will also help reduce the beard itch and maintain a clean, tangle free growth.

Sard ~ Cooling Roll-on


Men's cooling sandalwood and rose water roll-on. It's refreshing and absolutely perfect for your gym bag or car! A man's must have

Rani ~ Body Butter


Rani is a luxurious body butter that contains 24 karat gold dust mixed in with sensual layers of sandalwood fragrance, a personal favorite.

Jism ~ Body Scrub


Jism is made out of a combination of Dead Sea Salt, Blueberry Seeds, Rose Petals, Gold Glitter Shimmer Dust, Coconut Oil and of course, Sandalwood.

Jism was made to enjoy before or after a shower.

Whether you want to exfoliate your dry skin or add a sensual glow and scent after a bath, Jism offers both.

Please note, Jism is not meant to be used on your face.

Rooh ~ Bath Bombs


What could be more fun than to get into a hot bath and throw a few Rooh Bath Bombs into the water? Honestly, nothing. Just watching  Rooh fizz and explode into a scent of Sandalwood and Rose Petals can make any woman's day.

Mann ~ Bath Salts


Mann is a combination of therapeutic layers of Rock Salt, Rose Petals and Sandalwood Fragrance. Add a few spoons (using the complimentary one that comes with the product) in your hot bath and relax.

Liah ~ Purse Spray


Liah was made by my daughter, Aaliah for her wedding, as favors, but the feedback was so positive I decided to make it a part of my line with the condition being the name stays.


Liah is a combination of sweeter sandalwood scents and packaged into a small roll on that you can pop into your purse and take with you where ever you go.

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