The story behind Raaz 

Raaz was inspired by my daughter Aaliah aka munchkin.  munchkins  idea was simple yet stunning.  She was innovative and brought in a modern twist to regular potpourri.

She is also the brain-behind the marketing concept and packaging of Raaz. 
After deciding she wanted to include my Oudh lovers to name the product -

she created "Name the next EOO product". 
That not only engaged my Oudh lovers but also prompted interest and sold out sales. 
Raaz was named by Sayyeda ShanneAbbas Jaffer for which the product is dedicated to. 


Raaz are my scented sachets filled with Oudh, Rose buds,

Tanzanian cinnamon sticks and cloves.  

Raaz can be hung in any area or closed spaces for maximum scent throw

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